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Oskar Dampc

SwitchBot Meter

Dennis Meier
Good Thermostat

Does what it should. Can download the data history via Bluetooth to my Android, no problem. The only thing that could be better is the download speed.

Rodrigo Frade
Great reliable product

Great product. Easy to set up and very reliable.

Fair prices for smart products

Sensors are working great and the price was reasonable


Funziona bene, integrato con Hub mini ha un'ottima funzionalità negli scenari automatici che prevedono l'accensione di altri dispositivi connessi.

Mart Boden
At last. A Temperature and hygrometer with memory.

Understanding the course of your temperature helps you control your thermostat and the boiler temperature.

How fast my temperature drops in the boiler room,

How fast does the get warm again

How often does the resume turn on,

The resume goes off by itself when I leave (nest function),

When does the resume start warming up (the thermostat is now set to 17 at 7 o'clock, 18 at 10 o'clock and 19 at 18 o'clock, 15 at 21.15),

What is the ‘after-cooked’ effect,

What is the average temperature,

What if I lower the central heating boiler temperature (it is now at 60),

What is the effect of heat on humidity,

What is the temperature at which moisture condenses.

You can answer these questions by using this simple temperature meter.

Marcel Spaansen
I Like it very mutch

Easy instal en app

Dom Bastello
SwitchBot Meter

Very easy to set up and integrate into Google Assistant.
These meters do EXACTLY what they are supposed to...tell temperature & humidity. The ONLY thing that could be improved upon...when requesting historical data from meter (either hour or day or week or year) it takes a very long time to populate the data screen. (It needs to pull data from their servers and bring it back into the app. This process takes a lot of time)