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Know a little more about Matter.

Using Matter for SwitchBot products allows you to simultaneously connect SwitchBot devices and even third-party IR appliances to different platforms, such as Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant, SmartThings, and more. Easily achieving a seamless experience between different third-party platforms based on Matter standards.

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What‘s so great about Matter for us?

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Experience Matter now with SwitchBot Hub 2 and SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled.

SwitchBot uses a Matter Bridge over Wi-Fi protocol, with both SwitchBot products and learning IR appliances supported when using Hub 2 or Hub Mini Matter Enabled. What makes this so special? Well, you don't have to spend more money repurchasing a vast amount of old products, all it takes is one Hub 2/Hub Mini Matter Supported and you're good to go.

SwitchBot App: version 8.2 or newer
SwitchBot Hub 2 Firmware: version 2.0-1.2 or newer
SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled Firmware: version 2.0-1.2 or newer

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Rolling support for all SwitchBot products.

Whether it's our hero products like SwitchBot Bot and SwitchBot Curtain, or our newest superstar SwitchBot Lock Pro and our Robot Vacuum products, everything can be freely controlled in Apple Home via Hub 2 and Hub Mini Matter Enabled.*

*Level of support using Matter may vary depending on product. Please refer to the support document located at the bottom of this page.

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This is a big one, yup.
Support for IR devices!

When learning IR devices using SwitchBot Hub 2 or SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled, appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, lights, and fans can now all be supported using Matter, allowing for free control of these appliances in the Apple Home app.*

*Support for home appliances may vary.

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Use SwitchBot products to make the most of Apple Home.

With the support of SwitchBot Hub 2 and SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled, SwitchBot products and IR appliances can be freely used on third-party platforms such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.

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Which Hub suits you best?

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How to use Matter with SwitchBot?

More info regarding Matter support.

Device TypeDevice NameCurrent Supported Functionality
Hub Hub Mini Matter EnabledLearn Infrared Devices
HubHub 2Temperature Detection1
Humidity Monitoring1
Touch Buttons2
Learn Infrared Devices

1. Temperature and humidity readings will be synced as a sub-device when using.
2. Touch Buttons currently can only be used via Apple Home.
Home Automation SwitchBot BotOn/Off
Home Automation SwitchBot Curtain
SwitchBot Curtain 3
Open All
Close All

Please note: If you group devices using our app, only one sub-device will be used per group when migrating.
Home Automation SwitchBot Blind TiltAll On/Off
Adjust Level Up/Down

Please note: If you group devices using our app, only one sub-device will be used per group when migrating.
Robot Vacuum SwitchBot S1
SwitchBot S1 Plus
SwitchBot K10+
SwitchBot S10
ON: Start Cleaning
OFF: Finish Cleaning
Security SwitchBot Lock
SwitchBot Lock Pro
SwitchBot Color Bulb
SwitchBot Strip Light
Power & Switch SwitchBot Plug MiniOn/Off
Power & Switch SwitchBot Remote ControlDual Buttons

*Needs to be paired with a Scene via our app before use. Currently only supported via Apple Home.
Sensor SwitchBot Meter
SwitchBot Meter Plus
SwitchBot Outdoor Meter
Temperature Detection
Humidity Monitoring

Please note: Devices that monitor both temperature and humidity will only occupy 1 sub-device.
SensorSwitchBot Motion SensorCheck Movement
SensorSwitchBot Contact SensorCheck Status
Check Movement

Please note: This will only use up 1 sub-device.
Household SwitchBot Evaporative Humidifier
Battery Circulator Fan
IR Appliances Air ConditionerOn/Off
IR AppliancesFan
TVs, DVD Players, and other IR devices