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A more pro kind of
retrofit smart lock

Now more compatible, even more convenient, and stops worries when it comes to battery power. SwitchBot Lock Pro now features more comprehensive security measures than ever before, and with test after test is now the strongest rear-mounted smart lock you'll find on the market.

It's time to get Pro.

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See what they're saying
about Lock Pro

Instead of two CR123A batteries, four AA batteries are now used for the power supply, which can also be changed more easily thanks to a magnetic cover.

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This smart lock offers numerous door locking/unlocking possibilities using ultra-fast fingerprint recognition (0.3 seconds and an accuracy rate of 98% ), one-time use codes, by voice command or with your Apple Watch. 

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Lock Pro relies on another, passive battery that kicks in when the others are empty and the user also receives the corresponding change notification. You should no longer stand in front of a locked door. 

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Made to match.

SwitchBot Lock Pro is a perfect fit for European homes. Setup takes just minutes, and allows you to keep your original door lock too!

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Install in minutes.

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Supports physical keys.

Dedicated design
for UK door locks.

Supports most locks found in homes across the United Kingdom.

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1. Currently under development, accessories to follow.
2. Auto-Lock function is not compatible with Multipoint Locks.
3. If you feel like none of the above locks are compatible, please contact our customer support team at to confirm. 

Please ensure that your cylinder is equipped with an emergency function. A locking cylinder equipped with this feature enables it to be unlocked from the outside using a key, even if another key is inserted on the inside.

Check Compatibility

Complete Matter support for added flexibility.

Hub Mini Matter Enabled with SwitchBot Lock Pro. A smarter kind of home security.

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Use SwitchBot Lock Pro in Apple Home, all thanks to Matter.

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2-Step Verification Auto-Unlock

Unlock your door when close to home.

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*Auto-Unlock will be available August 2024 via app updates.
*When using Auto-Unlock you need to enable Bluetooth and Location permissions in our app.

Hear it straight from our users.

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Everything Smart Home

196K subsrcibers

But then I realized it's useful if you have your hands full carrying something to your car or whatever and you kind of just tap it with your elbow as you walk by to unlock or lock it which I do think is a neat feature.

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Paul Hibbert

247K subsrcibers

It's also a far better looking device and most importantly takes less than 10 minutes to install doesn't involve altering your existing lock inany way and still allows you to use your normal house key to unlock your house.

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Stu’s Reviews

133K subsrcibers

In terms of compatibility, the switchbot lock Pro will fit a much wider variety of locking mechanisms and cylinders because rather than replacing the cylinder the way this Lock Works is essentially by providing a robot that can turn your key in the lock.

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Shane Whatley

143K subsrcibers

I love that you only replace the inside thumb turn, so the actual deadbolt and the outside lock remains the same and doesn't even lock you know a smart lock from the outside that also means that you can continue using your same key that you've always used, no need to rekey the new lock.

Choose a solution that suits you.

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Lock Pro

2 (2).png__PID:2555235f-b245-4059-9309-d76c534e5a60

Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled Combo

3 (2).png__PID:b2255523-5fb2-4540-9993-09d76c534e5a

Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled & Keypad Touch Combo

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