Bot Combo

Includes 4 SwitchBot Bot (Black).

Make any old button in your home smart. Not just light switches, but even physical buttons like coffee machine buttons, computer buttons, garage door buttons, and more!

£83.97  £119.96

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Smart Curtain Combo

Contains 1 x Solar Panel (Black) and 1 x Curtain U Rail.

Solar Panel helps provide up to 8 months of battery life for SwitchBot Curtain on a single charge. Never worry about it suddenly stopping working again!

£69.30  £99.00

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Lock Starter Combo

Contains 1 x SwitchBot Lock (Black) and 1 x Keypad.

Add a passcode unlocking option for SwitchBot Lock with one-time passcodes, temporary passcodes, permanent passcodes, and even emergency passcodes.

£111.99 £159.99

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Sensor Combo

Contains 1 x Motion Sensor and 1 x Contact Sensor.

Add an extra layer of protection for home security by monitoring the condition of doors, windows, and abnormal motion around your home.

£36.40 £52.00

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Indoor Security Combo

Contains 1 x Indoor Cam and 1 x Pan/Tilt Cam 2K.

SwitchBot Indoor Cam is small and can be placed upside down. And with Pan/Tilt Cam 2K you can rotate around to capture wider areas when monitoring home life. The two work together to provide comprehensive protection for family safety.

£62.99 £89.98

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Smart Studio Combo

Contains 1 x SwitchBot Bot (Black) and 1 x Color Bulb

SwitchBot Bot helps make any old buttons smart, and Color Bulb makes the color temperature and tone of your working environment change depending on what suits you.

£29.38  £41.98

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SwitchBot Curtain


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SwitchBot Bot


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SwitchBot Hub Mini


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SwitchBot Blind Tilt


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